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 Shin News-Mar 18

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PostSubject: Shin News-Mar 18   Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:10 pm

SHin News
March 18th, 2012

March 18th Content
Internet Out
RPG Maker VX Ace Release
Official Forums Open
ShinSword Xas
Vx Projects Survive
Forum Updates
PZEO Begins
Big RPGM Forum has Admin War!

Internet Knocked Out
Sorry for being a few days late but my internet has been down for the past ten days.
I have returned and my internet is faster than ever. I went right back to work on
making things better in the forum. I see we have a couple new members welcome.

RPG Maker VX Ace is finally out in the US
Discea releases RPG Maker VX Ace a day early to all those who pre-ordered it and
also gave them a specail member's bar in their new offical forum too. It didn't stop
there, they also got all the bonuses that japanese version came with too.

RPG Makerweb Forums opens to Public
Touchfuzzy and the folks at RPG maker Web opened the official RPG Maker Forum a few
days ago. It looks really simular to but it uses the same software.
It is still a little to look a like for myself but I felt welcome there already. I wonder if
it will knock out other big forums or will it serve as a meeting place for all the different
members. It does actually suppot of the RPG Makers and even IG maker too.

ShinSword XAS
I stopped making ShinSword with the SAS Iv ABS and starting using XAS Hero
Edition because it has a lot more features to it. It allowed me to implement a lot of
the Zelda interaction and items without having to have a ton of extra scripts coded.
It already had bomb, throwing items, and a hookshot too.

Several VX Projects Kept Alive!
Some of my older VX projects that I abandoned at the end of last year when I got
Ace I decided not to just forget them and let them die. I will slowly keep working on
them every now and then. These include Sword Patrol and Chaotic Titania. These
will not take preference over ShinSword though.

PZEO Starts Development
I have always been a fan of the project Zelda Engine by Silent Resident. I decided to take
it and XP Online and combine the two into an online mmo. I already know there have been
a few zelda wannabe mmos, but this one is not going to be a everyone is link mmo. There
will be 3 main groups and 4 "types" in each groups. Also there will be a "pet" system that will
allow you to have different pets like a bee or Kiki the Monkey.

VX.Net Forum Admin War
VX.Net has went though some major changes in admin lately. Several of the admin got
banned and or fired by the owner of the forum iEntry. Most of them went to other forums already.
Maybe the new admin queen can keep the forum running more than two weeks a month. There
were several casualties caught in the crossfire, but no one was killed though.

Shin Forum keeps getting better here.
I came back after 10 days and noticed that a few things needed fixing. I redone a few of the
NavBar buttons to look even better and I am still working on a few others. I hope you like thier new
look. Also added no is a whole section dedicated to just scripting for the RPG Maker series. I thought
it was needed so lets see how it works.

Well till next time I will see you around the forums and the web.
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Shin News-Mar 18

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