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 Shin News-April

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PostSubject: Shin News-April   Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:32 pm

Shin News

April Content
New Game Logos
ShinSword Dungeons Appear
Project Hyrule Pet System Used
Ace RTP Remix planned
RPG Maker 2 Tileset
Other Projects
Forum Updates Changes Again

New Game Logos!

by Jiji [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

ShinSword Dungeons Appear
ShinSword is still going strong. I started this morning on the first "dungeon" of the game.
It is a hidden one that revolves around solving a puzzle in the first part of the stage.
I just started designing room 1 but here is an very early layout pic.

Project Hyrule Pet System Used
Over at the Project Hyrule Topic at PZEF JonBon mentioned seeing a flute call pet system in a Zelda seasons game.
Well I wasn't going to use a flute but the idea of what the animals do like jumping over holes and such was the idea I was headed for.
If Nintendo used it already I am definitely in the right direction.

Ace RTP Remix planned
I was working on a screen parallax today and I changed enough of it to where I think the Ace RTP might look good in such a style.
See for yourself.

RPG Maker 2 Tileset
I keep wanting a tileset based on RPG Maker 2 and no one is doing it so I am starting myself.

Other Projects
Haven't done much on Chaotic Titania, Sword Patrol this month. Been working on ShinSword and Fight Fight Tonight!!
Thinking about just grabbing community characters and add them into the game instead of waiting for submissions.

Forum Updates
New Smiles staring to being imported.
New Announcements and over 30 members now.
A bunch more topics plus exclusive content continues.
Still fine with our admin. Zero warns handed out to date and no one has ever been banned.
Added some new artwork. Also thinking about adding an Anime sub-forum and one other sub-forum to draw in a larger audience. Changes Again
Just to let you know now Sevith is in charge at It's like the Wheel of Admin over there lately.

Well till next time I will see you around the forums and the web.
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Shin News-April

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