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 Clarebel's Isometric VX maps!

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PostSubject: Clarebel's Isometric VX maps!   Mon May 14, 2012 3:47 pm

Iso_Tilemap 2d_iso_x3
by Clarabel

This editor and script will allow you to create and utilize isometric maps. Now you really can make Final Fantasy Tactics style maps!

I'm french, but someone is now helping me with translations, so please keep that in mind if you come across something that does not make much sense.


Create an edit maps in 2d isometric view and automatically integrate these isometric maps in your rmvx project.
Currently, this editor is the only way to make isometric maps.

How to Use

IMPORTANT: You must close rmvx before creating or deleting maps!
Otherwise you can cause graphical glitches. With rmvx closed, then launch 2d_iso_x3.exe

you can create, edit, and delete isometric maps within the isometric editor.

Create a map
See example in Videos section : Create and use isometric map
All created maps will be added to the rmvx project.

-While creating, you can edit the map name, then choose the dimensions by using left and right arrow keys on to select width and height.
-Choose the tileset which have been created with the TilesetEditor.
-Choose the texture for default ground.
-Choose the altitude: You can use one of the three modes to define the base altitude:
- Uniform : one uniform height for the entire map.
- Stairs : like stairs with three directions (like the video)
- Randomized : randomizes the heights.

Look at this example the usage of predefined heights:

change intial heights

When you confirm the map creation or when you choose "Edit a map", the selection menu is opened.
In green are the 2D maps which can't be edited.

Choose an isometric map, then:
- press ENTER to edit the map
- press SPACE to open map's menu

In this example, we've moved the cursor to the "Delete" action.
We could delete all of the red maps or only the selected map.

Note: resize does not take effect immediately. You have to edit and save the map to confirm the resize.
Edit Mode
Press F3 to see this help window. All actions and keys are explained.

Help Window

Press F3 (or Help_Key modified key) to show help window displaying all features and the keys to use them.

Save menu

Use ESC to save or quit the editor.
Enjoy the animated window!


Use IsoConfig.txt with the demo to configure the editor. Open IsoConfig.txt with notepad to modify options or keys.
It's now in english and can explain most features.


I'm using Peter O's Multiple Tilesetscript which is integrated into the 2d_iso_x3 editor.

Tilesets bitmaps are stored in the 'Graphics/Tilesets/' directory.
Isometric tilesets have a special format:
Tile A 1 isn't used.
Specification for tilesets:
In all the tilesets A, B, C, D, there is the tileset for RmVX and thumbail and a second isometric part :
- tileset A2 : a tile have a 160 x 128 rect
- tileset A3 : a tile have a 160 x 128 rect
- tileset A4 : a tile have a 160 x 128 rect
- tileset A5 : a tile have a 64 x 64 rect
- tileset B : 16 lines with 64 x 64 rect and 16 lines with 64 x 96 rect
- tileset C : 16 lines with 64 x 32 rect and 16 lines with 64 x 64 rect
- tileset D : Is displayed differently than tilesets B and C; contains items that are placed on walls and such.
16 lignes with 64 x 96 rect
16 lignes with 64 x 128 rect
- tileset E : not used

where rect are rectangle and the measurement is in pixels.

Here is an example for tilesetA3:

You can get these templates to make your own tilesets ?4azbqdjtzdgca
Get the demo ?31mhpmuiwu0cm33
EDIT: demo doesn't include last update, cf. below.

The patch for Gubid TBS is ready: ?31mhpmuiwu0cm33

Automatic update
last update: the 6 February download: ?zkmd48idmn4gqvh

Get the latest update : ?zkmd48idmn4gqvh
Put it in your main directory:

"MAJ 2d_iso_x3" in the demo will update all (2d_iso_x3) scripts in the project and the editor.

Close rmvx then launch "game.exe"

Portuguese translation
Large wall tileset
in GTBS: fix bugs with larges units, and enemy entrance in battle
improve AI finding path on Iso Map
add comments
-fix cursor centering
-fix bug whith "modify height tool": crash when trying to raise
-setting change to improve mode ECO.

In Game Video:
Create and use an Isometric Map:

Original Topic :2d_iso_x3 Topic

here some neat trick...
by zitser of darkness

if you have SwapXT, then if you want both RTP 2D and Iso then all you gotta do is...

1.when your gonna make a 2D map use SwapXT to revert your tilesets back to RTP ones
2.before entering the iso maker make sure you use the SwapXT and use the Iso Tileset.

best suggestion is you make 2 profiles for SwapXT... 2D maps and Iso maps that will pre-load the specific stuffs...
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Clarebel's Isometric VX maps!

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