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 About Super Maker Forums

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PostSubject: About Super Maker Forums   About Super Maker Forums Icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 7:39 pm

Super Maker Forums goal is to promote and help hobby and pre-Indie type game developers finish their projects.
Also to promote RPG Maker series as a more stable game engine that can compete in larger areas.
Too many good quality projects are but on permanent vacation or just plain abandoned.
Plus too many of the other gaming forums have other agendas or a "hand" guiding you toward buying something.
Not here.
We are completely 100% independent and our goal is only good games.
We all want good games, so why can't we just make them ourselves?
Also we are recruiting for a "Game Developer Team Alliance" where the Alliance to finish games, some free and some commercial.
So you are on "RPGamaConstuctHackHack" Forum too.
I am okay with this. I am on multiple game forums too but Super Maker is my focus.
and finishing the six projects our team shave is my goal and to help you with yours too.

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About Super Maker Forums

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